Tuesday, February 3, 2015

5-8 month


Everything you need for a small boy (or girl) from 5-8 month. Sweaters, bodies, most amazing little PB jeans, pants, warm knitted bodeis, pyjamas etc etc. Absolutely gorgeous things and brands like Petit Bateau, Ralph Lauren, Lively, How to kiss a frog etc and french small boy brands. Everything in matchy colours and shades for a well dressed little person, yet with the softest of fabrics.

23 items in total, this is really a very nice bargain for all of this!

Price: 2400SEK/255EURO (new for all about 5000SEK) and i'll stand for the shipping in Sweden, abroad add another 150SEK/16EURO)

For serious buying, email me at stina_auer@live.se and except and immediate response.

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