Tuesday, February 3, 2015

plus, minus 12 month

Everything you need for a small boy (or girl) from 12 month. Always remember that kids normally can wear clothes in their age range much longer then the month stated, Leon wore this until 18 month almost.
This little set is for a upper stylish little boy, really cool sets and an adoreble dark blue jacket. The dark blue things looks washed, but it' the cameras fault, they are really in good colour and condition. A wool grey jacket with the cutest hood and a light grey wool hat, super soft and gentle, quilted grey pants with a grey sail sweater, both Petit Bateau. Absolutely gorgeous things from Lively, Petit Bateau, Tommy Hilfiger, etc small swiss and French brands Everything in matchy colours and shades for a well dressed little person, yet with the softest of fabrics.

8 items in total, this is really a very nice bargain for all of this!

Price: 1500SEK/160EURO (new for all about 2900SEK) and i'll stand for the shipping in Sweden, abroad add another 150SEK/16EURO)

For serious buying, email me at stina_auer@live.se and except and immediate response.

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